REACT Lower Leg Sleeves (Adult/White)
REACT Lower Leg Sleeves (Adult/White)
REACT Lower Leg Sleeves (Adult/White)
REACT Lower Leg Sleeves (Adult/White)

REACT Lower Leg Sleeves (Adult/White)

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Athletes have struggled with wanting to wear their preferred training grip sock in games, while maintaining team uniform standards.

Some players cut off the foot portion off their team-issued game socks, creating a "sleeve" that is worn over the grip socks.  This can lead to frayed ends of the sleeve that some athletes choose to burn or tape, which is clearly not a clean or safe solution.

To solve this problem for athletes, we developed the REACT Lower Leg Sleeves, an elegant & safe solution designed to be worn on top of the REACT Grip Socks.  These compressive sleeves allow you to wear your preferred training sock, while maintaining a unified team look.


Enjoy free shipping on premium, regular-priced grip socks and sleeves, along with a multitude of other offers designed to enhance your athletic experience.


The manufacturing process uses high-quality fabrics and techniques, aiming to deliver a superior finished product that meets the needs of modern athletes.


Specialized in designing and manufacturing custom soccer uniforms and sports apparel, providing a personalized experience for teams and athletes.

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